Assignment#3-Drawing with 3D material


I made two moodboad. The first one is to collect some pictures of classic suits. I cut them from magazines and put them on. They were all costume design from the 80s.The second one is that I introduced my favorite color, black. It says the reason why I like black and what I will design to be black if I design. And I found a few black to use on the effect picture on the dress, is how elegant and intellectual, black also is forever popular color.

The first 3 d, I’m with pink rope to check out a outline first, Then I hook my eyes and nose with black, and I circle my lips with red because I usually like lipstick.I use needle and thread sewing to fix it, and then I add hair, the hair is my most valued part, I use a lot of thread one stitch to make work look a sense of flow, and then I added elements, I like to braid hair on the left side parts made up a queue and then sew it up, Because i braid my hair on the left side everyday, so the braid is represent me.

In the second work, I first drew my own outline on the background board, and then I inserted the iron wire around the outline board and tied the tower behind it.

Third work I use silver wire around out of my face, with gold wire around my curly hair, I use the gold wire around the hair because my own hair is with golden hair, and then I used the  28  Gauge with small wire to roll my face and hair  together and used wire insert background board knot at the back of the background plate fixation.

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