Past,Present,Future Souvenir

I didn’t appeared at the first period of the class unfortunately, at the second period when I entered the class, the teacher asked me to recall some thing or events to represent my past, now, and the future. At the same time pulled out a souvenir for each scene. And create three scene as well. We had learned how to use blipped the scan an image to create it’s 3D model scene, it was the first time for me and it appears to be funnier than I thought. Finally my works are the following.

I was tried to search for a souvenir to represent my past, my childhood. I remember when I was little, my dad and mom used to take me on the streets to do some shopping. And by dad brought me a doll on my five-year-old birthday. It was the biggest present I’ve ever get at that point. I named it as bubble. So this doll is the souvenir as my pass. The image is below.

Then I was thinking about the “now” scene. It is the scene when I first came to NY not for fun but for study, it was really hard for me to except the fact I am going to the Parson. So the first thing when I got here was took a picture at the front gate of the school, thinking about my future and what could happened to me after I entered the school. I used the suitcase beside me as the souvenir of this scene. It is a symbol which contains my exception and my memories.


The future is full of fear and exception for me. I’ve already started to feel tried because of the amount of work I have to pull of just few days after the school started. I think I will be much busier in the future if I start my own brand and my own work shop. That’s why I drew a draft of my future work shop. The manikin behind me would be my souvenir for this scene because every piece of work, every design started from that.

After I finished the drafts for three scenes and then began to use blipped to create the model of my souvenir, the website was completely crashed unfortunately, it was impossible for me to continue my work at this point, the image is below.


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