Assignment #12 Pattern Cubes

First of all, the first cube I did was a 2.5-by-2.5-foot cube. I used a knife to draw different shapes on the cardboard, including heart , circle and various small squares. After the shape was drawn, the blade was used to tear off a layer of paper skin.

The second  I did was 4 times a 4-foot cube, and this time I made a lot of holes in the paper skin and then I cut the paper skin into pieces, and I insert the pieces through the hole to form a curved shape,i rope the small piece into circle and put them into the hole.At the top of the cube,i inserted long strips into slots to create a handbag look.


The last one I did is 6 x 6 feet cube, I draw different shapes on paper, there are different sizes of round, also have bar, using the paper lining surface transverse bar form a bar on the contrary, I also draw the shape of the leaves, the result is very good for the shape of the paper itself particularly like the texture of leaves after tearing.

This is the image of three different size and pattern of cube.


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