Assignment#13 Ted Talks+observation

  1. William McDonough talked about his idea of Cradle to Cradle, which is using green design to  help make the society better and help protect the environment in the same time. I was amazed by him because he actually raised this idea 13 years earlier, which is in 2005. His intelligence impressed me. At the very beginning, he pointed out the key of the design is to meet the desire of people, and he always know how to make the society better off. Later, he inserted the thought of sustainability into the design. The process is complicated, people need to analyze all the component in order to calculate and minimize the damage to the earth.
  2. Suzanne Lee presented a brand-new way of making the garments. As a fashion designer, she focused more on the materials of clothes. She used hot tea and added kilograms of sugar and added lots of mini-organisms  and some acid. By cooling down the liquid, she can actually get a layer of grass which can actually turned into a sheet of “transparent paper”. The production of this series of dress is very environmentally-friendly comparing to those which are made from cotton and other fabrics. However, there is still room to improve to make the clothes more practical. I really appreciate how she used food to create clothes. This way should be spread more to help improve sustainability and consumable products can be used also in other perspectives of design.
  3. Janine Benyus talked about biomimicry. Nature is the cleverest object in the world. It creates animals that can adjust themselves best to the living environment. Designers always get inspiration from the animals. In modern society, we are always looking for ways for technologies to reduce energy and still achieve the best of the goal. We, as human, can actually learn a lot from these animals, and adjust their ways of living to put them onto our designs and technologies. I am so fascinated to nature after watching this ted talk, and I believe there are still much to learn from nature since the evolution of nature took millions of years. If we can take the advantages of nature, the society will definitely be better off.

Video 1.

The clothes in the laundry room in Kerrey hall can be used for the material in fashion design. The material can be recycles.

The waste of the food might can be used for nutritions for other plants.

Video 3.


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