Bridge 1 Final Post

LP Posts (1 & 2) link:

Garment 1 Before:


Garment 1 from original to deconstructed:

Garment 2 from original to deconstructed:

Reconstruction of Garment 2 using Garment 2 fabric:


completed work:

Process photo:

I trace the pieces of the green skirt on the pattern paper, and draw dashes and label the lines.

I took apart the second garment.

I cut the pattern paper and pin them to the second garment.

Then I began to sewing them all together.

Present on model:


The project title is called the memory of high school, because the green skirt (first garment) came from a small shop in China, and I worn it as the uniform skirt of my high school. It’s too tight for me now. The black sweater (second garment) came from my brother which he accidentally left it here when he was visiting me. I chose it because it’s too big for me. The brand of the first garment is unknown and the material is velvet. The brand of the second garment is H&M and the material is cotton.

While I was doing the project, I found out the most challenging part was sewing together the material from the second garment because I am new to the sewing machine. The most time-consuming part is the deconstruction part of the two garments. The most enjoying part is when I successfully learned to sew by using a sewing machine, because it was my first time using a sew machine and it was really fun. I was really satisfied when I completed the project and learned how to use a sewing machine. While I was working on the project, I realized that the material from the second garment was not enough to create a complete duplicate piece of the first garment, but surprisingly, although the materials were not enough, they still worked. After finishing the project, I learned that I was having fun using the sewing machine, and this project made me understood the importance of material to the design, because a velvet skirt and a cotton skirt looked very different.



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