Artist Written Proposal

I chose Yayoi Kusama because her works contained a strong feature of dots. She also wears clothes/dresses with dots a lot. Yayoi Kusama lived both in New York and Tokyo, so her works shared the features of two cultures which I think is really interesting. As one of the most famous artists, her works created a strong illusion and visual impact to the audiences which I like the most. 

Yayoi Kusama had mental disorders since she was really young. She had vivid hallucinations since she was 10 years old. However, those hallucinations and her problems with mental health somehow became the inspiration of her works. It was interesting how Yayoi combined the hallucinations and art together, which I think I could use in my own work. Yayoi also had a sad childhood. She was verbally abused by her mother and was asked by her to spy on her father. Yayoi accidentally saw her father having sex with his lover which influenced her a lot. According to Yayoi, she was afraid of having sex for many years. Those sad stories also formed up part of Yayoi Kusama, part of her unique works.

Picture of Yayoi Kusama:


Picture of her works:

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