LP11: Construction Week 2

In the first step, I cut out the pattern of the hat, and then made a hat with muslin. I found the effect was very lovely, but it was not what I wanted. Then I changed the pattern, cut it out with black wool felt, and sewn it together to make a hat.


Next, I found the cloth with flash patterns I wanted and cut them out according to my pattern. After cutting, I sewed them on my hat by hand.


This design is my interpretation of my environment, culture, and identity. I love American and Asian cultures like Kusama, and yet I wish to include my own identity in the dress. At first, when I cut out the pattern of the hat, it was partly because of my subconscious culture motivation. It resembles the traditional male conical Chinese hat. However, I wanted more feminist element in it and then transmuted it as blinking modern design as presented. The hat’s design is somehow bearing to my aboriginal culture, and the later on alteration brought in by my identity. I love bright and blinking. Eventually, I am satisfied with the final design.

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