LP12: Construction 3


First of all, I bought black striped cloth and organza and cut the same shape according to my pattern.

Then I realized that my coat was too long and not I wanted, so I cut my pattern shorter.

Next, I used the red ball I bought as the accessory pin on my prototype.

Then I began to sew the frilled edge of the trim to my sleeve

I also sewed the sleeves and the front and back of my coat and added the red ball. I used the French seam on the back.


Similar to Kusama, I think that she enjoys every step in making her dress. I begin to enjoy the process of making the dress. Compared to the two garment, I have more experience sewing cloth as before. However, it was another adventure. After hearing the instructions of my instructor, I was mesmerized by some core beliefs in the fashion industry. No matter how famous is a designer, they often have to follow the basic step, sewing every cloth and going through the tedious process of making a dress same as when they first entered into this industry. I was excited and thrilled. Thrilled to learn new techniques and thoroughly enjoyed every step and stitch in making cloth. Every time, when I look at the final dress, I would be thankful that I go through the process and enjoy the dress.

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