LP13 Bridge Project 4

Project Title:inward world

The first garment dress :

The second garment cloth picture:

The third garment hat I made:


Pattern of three garments :

In the first step, I cut out the pattern of the skirt, and then connect the front and back pieces with pin with muslin and put them on the mannequin.Then I cut red spots out of the red satin and put them one by one into the newly ironed pleats and then sewed them on.And then I cut out a long piece of organza and made a flounce out of it, and I sewed it on the bottom of the skirt.

In the first step, I cut out the pattern of the hat, and then made a hat with muslin. I found the effect was very lovely, but it was not what I wanted. Then I changed the pattern, cut it out with black wool felt, and sewn it together to make a hat.Next, I found the cloth with flash patterns I wanted and cut them out according to my pattern. After cutting, I sewed them on my hat by hand.

First of all, I bought black striped cloth and organza and cut the same shape according to my pattern.Then I began to sew the frilled edge of the trim to my sleeve,Next, I used the red ball I bought as the accessory pin on my prototype.I also sewed the sleeves and the front and back of my coat and added the red ball. I used the French seam on the back.



My original proposal idea was applying, learning, approaching where Kusama took her inspiration of her signature style from which she tied her hallucinations, cultural, and childhood background influence in art. This strongly relate to my seminar research paper as I was also doing research about her background and how that influence her works and style which had drawn me more into Kusama and her style.The intended function of my design is simply learning taking inspiration from distinct fields to my design with Kusama’s signature polka-dot which i found it lovely and attracted. I happened to experience how my cultural consciousness oriented me toward the transformation such as joining materials that I like with my personal traits in it. I would say the intention of the transformation started from my cultural consciousness. More decisions on transformation is driven by my realization of the  cultural consciousness, and my thought of adding more identity of me. 


In this project, I had created one dress with muslin, organza as the the base, and the red satin that was cut out in circle as the dots on the dress. The black wool felt and cloth with flash pattern were used in the my second piece which was the conical hat; the black striped cloth, organza, and red balls that was used as the accessory pin, were used in the coat. Most of the materials were bought from store in this project. My project began from patterns I cut out and gradually form into shapes by sewing pieces together. Through out different states of the project, I inspected the work and pondered over the context I’m delivering and approaching. Some adjustment was made such as layered another material on the hat for feminizing it while applying more of my identity into it. Therefore reflect back to my proposal idea and my inspiration from Kusama Yayoi.  Over time, there were more Kusama inspired elements and concepts that I learned from my research of her were applied. During the process of creating my first garment- a polka dot dress, I encountered the challenge of sewing on the organza which is hard and require several times of sewing. Through this experience, I learned that there will be variety of materials and each should be treated differently. In this case, I had to sew many more times in order to shape the dress as the stiffness of the material. The other time when I was creating the hat, I cut out the pattern of a hat by the driving of my subconscious culture motivation. That hat came out resembles to the traditional male conical Chinese hat. I later on made some changes by adding cloth with flash patterns to make it more feminist. In this process of driving by consciousness and make changes, I found out a new way to discover, deliver my cultural background with my personal identity  through my piece. Thus uncover another part of me that attached to my cultural background while maintaining personality. This is also what I had learned from my research of Kusama utilizing culture, self perspective to the surrounding as the inspiration and the style of her works that I put into practice in this project.I would improve my sewing skill, chose stiffer materials, include the lining underneath to improve the project. I also think i could have make the hat smaller.

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