Bridge 5 : Framing Fashion

These two photo with banana were taken in the cafeteria.

These photos were taken beside the sewing machine which I spent lots of time this year making project.


Those 4 photos were taken on the stairs which I usually walked on and exercise.


I had struggling being homesick when i first came here. Overtime, I had realize that looking forward to the future is as important as recall back to the past. The glasses has two city view on each side. One side is NYC, and the other side is Guangzhou which mean viewing through both the past and future.


1.What is your relationship to what you have made and written?

What i had made are like the little pieces of me. What I had made is deeply relate to myself as a reflection to experiences i had encountered. It also represents a part of me as I went by my choice of preference when making decisions which shows my identity.

  1. How will we recognize you in the photo?

Who I am now is basically formed by those identity and experiences, therefore, I can be recognized as a canvas with pieces of my experience and parts of me putting together on me.

  1. How will you position yourself in relation to your work?

What i had made are like the little pieces of me. If my works are small puzzle, then i will say I’m the whole picture of a complete puzzle. Thus, I will position myself as a a complete form, an inception in relation to my work.

  1. How will you decide on lighting and camera angle?

I will decide the lighting and camera angle according to the setting and the effect I wanted to present. There will mostly be more close up shoots with some slanted angle from the side.

  1. How will you style yourself?

I will style myself with the black high heels, black polka-dot stocking, black top to go with my hat, coat, and skirt that I created in Bridge 4. 

  1. How will you select the space or setting?

I will select the space or setting that is either single color or blurry background from light exposure with geometry shapes or lines overlapping. 

  1. What are your influences and inspirations for this photo shoot? Fine art? Film? Fashion? Nature photography? Something else?

Fashion, portrait photography, and nature photography are influences of this photoshoot. I utilize the skill of depth of field i notice in those those photography to distinguish the fore and background; and the contrast of blurry, or simple line in shape in the background to emphasize my works. 

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