Time: three of my favorite projects


I took a series of pictures from a fashion show. the movement of each model and dresses formed a sense of rhythm. The differences and overlapping of those dress symboled the concept of time.


The second one I like most is the animationI made, which is also the one I spent the most time drawing hundreds of pictures. My story is about If a person wears different masks when she is facing different people all The Times, She would be confused and does not know which one is her true identity. Get rid of all the masks and be yourself.

The animation link👇:




The third project I like most is our final project. My project name is dream in dream, which tells that I am dreaming but cannot wake up from my dream, and I repeatedly have all kinds of nightmares. I think this project is very challenging and interesting for self-directed and self-acting.

The video link👇:


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