Sustainable systems reflection

The story I reflect to is “Burning issue: how fashion’s love of leather is fuelling the fires in the Amazon”

This story interest me because it is fashion related topic as I’m major in fashion design, and as fashion takes place in my everyday life. After reading the story, I learned that remaining sustainable method of getting materials in any kind of production is also issue we should be paying attention to. In this case, ventures and ranches should stop destruction and deforestation in Amazon – the lung of the Earth, to just space out for cow, which is only for leather production.  Consumer, ventures, and government should all be aware of the impact of production or getting sources that bring to the environment. Government and ventures should not only sign agreements, but also practice it strictly as a long-term goal, and value the sustainability before the short-term profit they can gain now. Because what rainforest can bring to Earth is purifying air by giving back more oxygen- a perpetual advantage.

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