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Reflection – Freedom to Create

Do More Of What You Love.
When you think of freedom, what comes to mind? For me, freedom is being able to do more of what I love. That includes, but is not limited to, having the opportunity to play soccer and exercise in my favorite way. Growing up, soccer has always been an outlet to express myself. It gives me the chance to focus, work hard, and achieve my goals.
Playing soccer gives me an exhilaration. There are no set rules about what one must do on the field. The game gives me the freedom to improvise. I can decide what I want to create and for a short split second, time stands still. There in that moment I fall in love with playing the game.
The traditions and practices of playing soccer have become universal. On a more literal note, I have had so many soccer practices that it shapes the meaning of tradition. Although no one is perfect, so much time playing soccer emphasizes the phrase “practice makes perfect.” Putting the time and effort into doing what I love is absolute freedom.

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