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100 Drawings

Marie In A Nutshell

These 100 drawings were inspired by The Secret Life of Textiles: the Milton Sonday archive at the MET.

For my 100 drawings I only used various size sharpies. I utilized the ink in the sharpies; if one sharpie was low on ink I would use it for a lighter shading value.

One of the pieces, Two Interlace Models Based On Historical Textiles, was intriguing to me. The piece was placed on a red background inside of a glass casing. My first impression of the piece was that it looked like a strand of DNA. Since it has a vertical composition, I viewed the work from top to bottom. There were multiple colors involved in the piece of art. The curved lines showed great movement throughout the piece.
I see what I take interest in. I also noticed the symmetricality and the contrast of the yellows and blues. The curved structure reminds me of an abstract geometric sequence. If one turns their head to view the piece horizontally, the middle of the piece looks like it has brackets weaved within the curved lines. The interlaces being weaved together shows complexity and details. Since I like math, I tend to see mathematical relations. Horizontally, if one is not acquainted with geometric sequences, then one may view the piece as including the shapes of either band-aids or butterflies. The butterfly wing shapes are in red and the band-aids are perpendicular to each other in green and blue. For another, it may look like a system of communication. The continuous loops and swirls make me think of a futuristic language. It may have been a substitute idea on a way to speak to others. For me, the continuous line resembles the stream of consciousness in psychological terms. It resembles constant thought and movement. Back where I grew up, in the small suburb of Wheaton, IL, my family and friends are not interested in fashion or art, yet alone consider it as a career. I want to know where my interest in fashion design originated from, or if it was set in my genes, my DNA. The piece looks like it is one connected line and everything in one’s life is connected in some way or another. Everything in one’s life is related, just like the piece expresses.

I spent a lot of time every day for about a week drawing patterns inspired by my feelings and Sonday’s art piece at the MET. I realized I enjoyed drawing topics I took interest in. Time went by faster when I was sketching a dress form compared to another pattern. I tried my best to express my feelings through drawings instead of drawing objects.


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