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Using NYC as research for my final research project for Integrative Studio/Seminar 2.

Barbara Paca & WWD Menswear Summit: Jack Riker, Anthony Milano

Barbara Paca

Hearing scholar Barbara Paca speak truly touched my heart. She is a curator to Antigua & Barbuda’s National Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2018. The Biennale is a prestigious non-commercial contemporary art exposition. The primary focus of the pavilion is to provide educational opportunities for youth through artists, musicians, writers, and community leaders. Social media has great influence in volunteer work as well, as it adds to the platform connecting youth to creation. At the event, we learned how Instagram can be a powerful tool for advertisement, Paca and her team were looking for students to help run their social media pages. Instagram can be a tool in changing the lives of youths all over the world.



On March 27, I attended the WWD Menswear Summit. It was a day of inspiring speakers, and networking with colleagues from fashion, retail, and e-commerce. There was an interviewer (Jack Riker) and an interviewee (Anthony Milano) answering questions about various topics based on his job experience in the fashion industry and marketing. The session I attended emphasized on how Instagram has changed the world of marketing. The interviewer asked, “how has your role as a marketer changed over time?” The guest speaker replied, “the bigger evolution is the synergy between all of the channels- social- email- media- Instagram- Facebook- taking all of that data in and making an audience.” His response was interesting, since he has carefully considered the connection between all of the social medias and the relation between them. He is suggesting a marketing plan that hits all audiences from all medias. He also suggests that through Instagram, they story tell and ask, “we are telling our story on social media- with a good audience- how on Instagram specifically- do we get the viewer to consider the product?” Like I mention in my Studio/Seminar final project research, companies are thinking about Instagram marketing, and trying to convince you to buy a product in the couple of seconds in which you view it.

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