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Connected/ Disconnected:

A few months after moving to New York from a small suburban town, I started to notice my style changing. I realized I was wearing more bold colors. None of which was a negative factor, but living in a fashion capital I wanted to show my unique style. I told myself I would express ME, Marie Choi Mannix, as much as possible. Through my work, I stride to show my unique style as a designer.

This garment represents how I feel connected and or disconnected to someone based on how I dress. Growing up in a world of social media and high beauty norms, I used to want to blend into the crowd. Now I step forward with confidence, as I express in my photoshoot by styling @ChristineJiwonRa in bright red accessories and makeup. The red fabric I chose for the collapsible fan was a statement of confidence. It was a great decision to make a slit in the black skirt, providing a wider range of movement when walking (the skirt and fan are two separate pieces).

Model: Christine Ra @ChristineJiwonRa

Photographer: Justine Sherrill @JustinnSherrill

MUA: Martina Caretta @MartiCaretta


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Process photos:

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