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Image explorations

These are three images I’d like to work with throughout the semester in my History of Fashion class. The images below guide and focus my final paper for this class.

Pictured above is my grandmother and my grandfather at Crescent Beach in Mattapoisett, MA. They are smiling as they enjoy a day in the sun in their brightly colored swimwear. I am unsure of the exact date, but I am able to ask other members of my family. Every summer when my father was growing up, him and his family would spend time together at a small little cottage near the beach. To this day, my father’s side of the family all gets together once every summer continuing the tradition. Although the tradition is annually, the beach has brought us together making countless unforgettable memories. During the time of this photo, swimwear was more versatile, fashionable, sporty, and popular. Therefore swimwear offered the activity of sun bathing and spending time with others at the beach as a past time.



Pictured above is my grandmother when she was working for John F. Kennedy around 1952-1955. Like at the time, she was a daring woman working with the new short hairstyle. She had a blazer jacket on, and a short-mid length skirt hemline. I find the plane or some means of transportation in the photograph very interesting as it makes me wonder the occassion.


Pictured above is my grandmother standing outside next to my grandfather. She is captured wearing a long trench coat, popular post WWI/1920’s as it was trending with its functions, utility, and large pockets. My grandfather is captured in a coat with the new fur trim look and the new classic fit hat for the time.

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