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What Is Fashion

The word fashion can have a variety of different meanings to various people. It is a universal term, applicable to numerous scenarios. At New York Fashion Week, fashion can be in reference to what is most fashionable at that time, specifically on the runways at shows as well as in in e-commerce. Fashion weeks can be the epitome of fashion in regards to looks including clothing, accessories, etc, but fashion as a word can be used in regards to any topic that is popular at the time. For example, a soccer team can be wearing a new uniform because their jersey was out of fashion. Teams want to be successful in terms of the game, but appearance matters with league standards and also with how the audience likes their appearance as a team, what they wear, and who they stand for. Fashion is not a straightforward word that can only be used in the fashion industry, but a word that can be applied to any situation and scenario.

In comparison to week one, my understanding of fashion has not completely changed, but has been altered. This course has expanded my personal thoughts about dress practices and specifically how large of an effect various cultures have on fashion and in geographical terms. Coming into the class, I thought of fashion more in design settings and less in everyday activities in different locations. I did not think of the many factors that influence fashion as a universal term. I focus many artworks around the subjects of beauty standards and self confidence. One of the most memorable quotes from this course was from Susan Kaiser, Fashion and Cultural Studies, “fashion is, after all, about change, and change happens in every culture because human beings are creative and flexible.” The readings have helped me gain knowledge about fashion, as fashion is constantly changing.

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