HW1: Visualising Senseshttps://portfolio.newschool.edu/mariehaddad/2017/09/06/hw1-visualising-senses/

With the idea of visualising the senses linked with a memory, I decided to create a piece linked to the memory of a kiss, imagine ones first kiss or any kiss in general. Therefore, the senses linked to this would be touch and taste, I did a simple abstract line drawing incorporating two faces into one simple drawing of the basic outlines of two faces about to kiss. Both faces are simplistic to represent the universal understanding of a kiss from any individual. I also created a fluid colourful pattern incorporating emotion evoking colours and movements to symbolise the passion and energy one feels from a kiss, and the imaginable taste one can relate to a kiss. Through my eyes, the colour red represents passion, the colour yellow represents happiness and positivity and purple represents mystery and content. These colours evoke the emotions represented with a kiss, which in turn represents the taste of a kiss. Touch can  be represented in this through the line drawing but also through the colours as, in my opinion these bold vivid warm colours can represent the visualised version of the touch of a kiss.

I decided on this piece as I think that a kiss can have visual representations through colours and movements. The fluidity and warm tones of the background symbolises what I imagine a kiss would look and taste like. Although this is an abstract idea as there is no “one” visual representation of the taste or touch of a kiss, I hoped to indicate these senses and emotions through the combination of the colours, movements and an obvious visual representation.

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