Through Mindmapping the different senses from each city I was able to compare and contrast the similarities of the sights and sounds of both Hong Kong and New York but also to differentiate the divergences and be able to focus on them for my final bridge project. Since Hong Kong and New York are both bustling cosmopolitan cities with an abundance of diversity among the people, languages and cultures, there are many similarities within the daily life. The architecture has also many similar points even though New York and Hong Kong both have more traditional buildings which differ. Regardless of the copious similarities between the cities, there are slight differences that make each city unique, the ambiance and overall feel of the cities are completely different. The warmth of the city and the people  differs from area to area, and depends on the time of day, like any modern city. These differences can be seen through the differences of the sounds and the sights of the city, that may seem homogenous however are distinguished by the minor details such as elevator music and street signs.

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