Final Bridge Project

Video By: Marie Haddad

Photos By: Marie Haddad

Sound By: Soundsnap & Marie Haddad

A city’s heart beat encompasses the people, the architecture and the sounds of the city. This is the reason that I decided to focus on sight and sound comparing Hong Kong and New York. Hong Kong to me is bustling, diverse, multicultural and warm. Whereas New York exudes a colder, softer and more mundane atmosphere in comparison, even though the city remains extremely busy.

In my final project I decided to use 7 photos per city and used an upward motion from the bottom of Hong Kong to the top of New York to the bottom of New York. I changed a selection of photos from my story board to create a stronger more vivid feel. I incorporated a different level of saturation for the collection of Hong Kong photos and New York photos, to create stronger divergences between the two vibrant cities. I changed the number of photos and the selection of photos while editing as through the editing process, it allowed me to envision the final clip. Furthermore, in my opinion some photos and their length of time on the screen should have been altered. I added an extra aspect of transportation, ferry for Hong Kong and taxis for New York to really encompass Hong Kong’s dynamic and to further create a divide between the two cities.

Story Board 1st Draft


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