Intro Sequence Montage

My video “Undercover Psycho” tells a true story of a girl who is seemingly normal on the outside, but has a dark side that she doesn’t always show. My video toggles back and forth from her “normal” state to her true irrational and crazy self. She has a roommate and close friend who she spends most of her time with. They eat, shop, and spend their time together in a normal manner, meanwhile she is just waiting to go crazy on her. She is shown breaking down and lashing out at her friend.  She breaks a photo of them, and steals her clothing and other personal items from their bedroom. Throughout their friendship she is manipulating her friend into getting closer and closer with her just so she can ruin their friendship over nothing. The video shows the story of betrayal within a friendship and the mental instability of the main character.

I am 18 years old from Long Island and have been interested in art and design my entire life. I have years of experience with photography and design and I am majoring in Communications Design. I love exploring new media and learning new ways to create and appreciate art. In the past I have completed freelance photography and design work. I have photographed for varying companies and events and have created custom album cover art for up and coming artists. I would love to continue creating and exploring deign.

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