Modern Reliquary

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I think that the relationship between observational perspective drawing  and the perspectival type project is that you need to do the first to be successful in the later, because you need to see and analyze how objects behave to replicate the same effect in your imagination.


Nostalgic place Photomontage

I tried to convey a sense of nostalgia in this photomontage by using layers and transparency to represent fog, a mayor characteristic of the place I picked my hometown Saltillo Mexico. the highway represents personal memories of approaching this place, because of latitude you have to drive through hills; I also included in the background some of the skyline making emphasis on the older buildings and juxtaposed with some electric posts in the front layer to signify the passage of time.


2 Mandalas as abstract 2D self- portraits based on my personality and memories.



what inspired me from the Rubin museum was the craftsmanship and detail behind the mandalas and the geometry involved. those were the elements that I decided to include in my mandalas in different ways.


this images inspired me when I did some research on the aesthetic approach I wanted to use. I decided to go for abstraction button still consider the intricate details of a traditional mandala.


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In my digital mandala my focus was on memories and how they fade with time but we try to frame them, that is the explanation of why I used geometric shapes to complement the images. the other reason why the geometric shapes are there is because I think that people look back to their past to make sense of their present, thDmandalaey try to find the missing pieces.the images are of people in my life friends and family the colors are vivid and also enhanced on photoshop to make more emphasis on the happiness this memories provoke, also water and fog overlap symbolizing the passage of time and how sometimes we remember something being better than it actually was. the fog also represents my hometown because of the altitude it gets foggy and it is something that I remember as beautiful and unique.

my handmade mandala was more about my personality. I considered the quiz which I’ve done before and I always get the same result, the debater (ENTP),The ENTP personality type is the ultimate devil’s advocate, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and lettinmdg the ribbons drift in the wind for all to see. No one loves the process of mental sparring more than ENTPs, as it gives them a chance to exercise their effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connecting disparate ideas to prove their points. I tried to play with the percentages in my proportion with the circle in the middle and the shapes emanating from it, my personality typical be dominant and tends to have great ideas but the execution is the problem thats why I left unfinished parts in my mandala. the pattern has integrity in the middle but it becomes erratic and random toward the edge represent the different ideas I can have and my love for playing devil’s advocate. the fragmentation in the paper pieces represents my name because it is long and has to be fragmented to be processed it also shows the strategic and calculating side of my personality. I decided to not use color to let the list and shadow demonstrate the duality within a personality.



2 books, a profile book that represents my partner and a interview book about the both of us

Profile Book

my partner for this project was jessica in the profile book I tried to include my first impression of her and then my second impression after the interview, this reflects in the sleek and black cover that was my first impression she is stylish but quiet a closed book; as I got to know her the pages developed, I used the pictures we took in class and did some light editing in photoshop also I include a tracing drawing from one of the pictures I took made of pastels and pen, I included this to give the book a more personal and colorful touch.


booklet6 it also completes the picture I used for the inner cover of the book


the text in the book comes from my profile interview in seminar class, I included the questions and answers that I think show the character of my partner, I decide to keep the journalistic writing style because fashion is a big part of her life so I wanted my spreads to look like a fashion magazine. other photos in the book also complement each other. the 3D format was my way of including my personality and was inspired by bookniture an stool inside a pop up book.

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Intraview Book

For my interview book my main focus was cultural and how remote was the possibility of me knowing my partner who is from the other side of the world I decided to include this concept in my structure a reflection.book3

the cultural aspect comes from the graphics, I tried to find similarities and contrast within our cultures one similarity is how we are perceived by the rest of the world with negative stereotypes and a general overview but both our cultures are incredibly rich, thats why I kept my images simple like outlines. I also include symbolism from both our cultures. in this image I added paper marigolds and poppies marigolds are important in mexican culture they represent eternal life, and from research I discovered that poppy seeds are used in traditional chinese medicine. other symbolism is the paper lanterns and “paper picad0” both icons from our countries.

book1 book2


in the chinese section I included come buildings from Jessica’s hometown Nanjing.

bookcover the cover of the book has traditional chinese pottery and mexican talavera tiles, I realized that there was connection in colors and motifs, the title was inspired by the name of a restaurant that serves both mexican and chinese food and it made me think of the story of “china poblana” a traditional mexican way of dressing for women the name always sounded funny to me “china” is chinese female in spanish “poblana” means woman from Puebla ( a region in central Mexico), I did more research on this and this costume was introduced in the 17th century by chinese slaves brought to mexico during the spanish reign. this fun fact made me think of the ways cultures are related even if they are remote.

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cityscape/ graphic unit

Altered photos from the UC


sketches for my icons

progress of my cityscapes

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Why does it matter?

I think that my strongest piece is my cityscape because I learned how to create rules for myself  and on the technical side I applied previous knowledge about composition and illustrator. compositionally this piece is successful because of the perspective and dimension that I created in a flat space also I learned about color theory and how color can help to give the illusion of depth.

I would like to edit two of my collages using the same concepts they were created in a more intuitive way my symmetry and asymmetry collages were the more successful but my dominance and nested square could improve.

What now?

I look forward to use color theory, a concept in which I recently acquired knowledge. Color is important it can change the mood and make or break a piece of work.