From Micro to Macro: Place, Space and the Connections Between

Moving through space takes time and establishes connections between one place and another. Moving through space also shifts our perspective from moment to moment. For this assignment you will create a visual story that addresses the way time impacts the meaning that is embedded into architectural spaces.

The Goal:

  1. Establish a story that uses time as a way that interconnects private and public space. The iterative process is an integral part of this project.
  2. Create thumbnail sketches or “image cells” to be used in your process to develop your concepts. (These can be drawn in Illustrator or on paper and imported into Illustrator for re-working.)
  3. Create a single-page Tabloid format (11 x 17 in.) “Image Progression” layout in InDesign.
  4. Integrate Illustrator sketches into your InDesign file. Work back-and-forth using the two programs to advance your ideas and graphic solutions.

time tabloid -tm8bof

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