Touch of Sin

I chose this image because frankly I was rather disturbed by the injustices that occur towards workers in China. I couldn’t really decide whether to talk about this or the Foxconn Suicides. It crazy that these types of situations don’t receive more attention or maybe we don’t hear about it as much as we should. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of justice towards civilian workers. And clearly in Deng’s situation even though she turned herself she was still charged with “too much” attacking even though it was self defense. Which is kinda bullshit cause you can’t ever tell when someone attacking you will stop, much less if it’s two on one. While Katherine Boo was trying to bring to light the slums and living environment in India, it seems this film touched on people who didn’t necessarily have a “happy ending” and instead were kind of just tossed aside in their situation.

Even in the Foxconn suicides they found that they were making the equivalent of $130 US dollars a month for their intense labor jobs. That’s bull shit and uncivilized.

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