How do we deal with the past as a monolith?

How do we break history down?

Is history facutal or subjective?



When thinking of a prototype, I almost always think of designs for a consumable object; cars, clothing, interior items, appliances. That’s at a glance. With a little more thought, we know that a prototype is generally off of paper to some degree. It’s a test of materials and executions in the real world, to some extent. I remember last semester my professor Susan Leopold took us to her studio and gave us an overview of her creative process, complete with an explanation of how she prototyped. Finding out whether images printed best on layered glass, plexiglass, and more. Whether to light models with mirrors or installed lights, batteries or wires.

When reading “You Can Prototype Anything” I was surprised; I had never thought of the application of prototypes to things that weren’t typical design and art projects. The restaurant, for example. It made me realize you can prototype in many ways; it isn’t always just a small scale model of a final project.



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