Found Letters For Logan

Found Letters For Logan

wildly unhappy
obey laws which may be far from good

think it’s about to change direction?
have faith
risk never comes without it

to create
confine oneself to the brightly colored scenes
be attentive

Could this be the reason?
Elvis’s last words as a civilian were
“They’ll never take you.”

The technique I used for creating my found poem self portrait for Logan was to locate multiple words that appeared to jump through the text. I did not have an exact method for finding “the right” words, as I only knew they were right when they gave me an electric jolt when reading them. I used multiple sources as my inspiration, from a textbook on Renaissance art to a biography on Elvis Presley. After I had the words that I felt were the strongest, I searched for words that connected to Logan. Rather. I decided to take this approach because Logan and I shared many conversations on creation and expectation. I felt that the found poem self portrait would be most effective if the words I chose reflected our conversations and concerns as brave, creative women heading out into the world. I decided to use multiple poems instead of one to resemble the thematic element to our working relationship.

To Logan, you are kind and strong. Please know that you never should have to choose between the two. You have the power to want to learn. Keep it. Keep learning. Keep your mind open! Do not listen to people who encourage you to fail if you know failure is not an option, but do not let yourself become burdened with the idea of achieving unattainable success. It was great getting to know you, and getting to work so closely with you. You are incredibly knowledgeable and receptive–this will only help you in the future. There is no need to tell you how talented you are, you already know that, so all I ask is that you believe in yourself and your abilities when the world is making you feel the most doubtful. That is all.

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