Time Map

I chose to measure time with a spool of thread and nine needles. 

This project is constructed out of the materials of lost time: wood, from the recycling bin of a family home, needles, delicate to the eye but merciless to the finger, tissue paper, willowy and decorative, an old map, and untraceable guide, and blue thread, ambiguous or holy in color.

I configured this map out of a conversation with my father. Seeing as I did not have a strong relationship with him growing up, and I have now created a new place to call my home, I had been left wondering if I could trace the sentiment of love fostered in a short time together. During our conversation, I marked each of the places I heard him tell me he loved me.
It became difficult to contextualize the relationship of the project and the corresponding relationship in my personal life. I had, The Met, The Frick, The dorm, Washington Square Park, etc scribbled on notes on my desk–surrounded by my own code. As I described the project to others as “a project about love” (in my attempt to divert attention away from my personal relationships), the more it became clear that the complexities of familial bonds and creating are closely linked.

As I created the path out of needles, I traced with the thread just once. I felt that there was something left unsaid in my project on dialogue. And so, I chose to go over areas that held particular prominence in the invisible narrative. These areas being the distance of my dorm, my campus, and Washington Square Park, and the distance between The Met and 70th street, my favorite street in Manhattan. I wrapped layers upon layers of thread in these specific regions to make them stand out with a richer color and texture. I sewed the tissue paper together in order to convey the essence of fragility. I felt that the stitching would synch the fine paper closer and would offer a nice contrast of structure, craft, and memory.
Ultimately, I am satisfied with the way my project turned out. If I had a dream world with limitless time and supplies, I would like to make my map larger and find a way to incorporate the sheet of transparent paper as I had in my sketchbook.

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