Personal Values Visual

For my project, I decided to take a conceptual approach to values and the emotional nourishment they provide. Rather than make an infographic, I decided to make a tactile version of my values. This time, taking the shape of puff pastries. I wanted to play on the idea of feeling physically fulfilled when I am able to see my values expressed. My puff pastries are made with unique ingredients–each with the component of The New School that I felt they are aligned with. Each value is weighed at $0.50–this is to play on the notion of giving an intrinsic value an external, monetary measurement. By pricing each component, I am also suggesting that they can be exchanged, inflated in price, or made less expensive. I feel that personal values are subject to the same change. As I grow and continue to adapt to new surroundings, my values may not look the same. While I do not think there should be a currency to values, it is one method of measuring their status in my life and their alignment in The New School.

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