Staging Interventions

The Dorms – The dorms are an effective place for interventions because a devoted number of the student body lives in them and participate in a wide range of activities including: creating art, relaxing with friends, eating and preparing meals, sleeping, and having intimate relationships. In addition to the residents of the dorms, there is a population of visitors. Thus, there is a wide potential for education. During my time in the dorms, I have witnessed several teach-ins, workshops, group meetings, and even holiday celebrations. The dormitories provide a platform for developing a sense of community within the student population. Staging an intervention in these facilities would be exciting because there is a higher change of community engagement. If I were to host an intervention, I would host it inside an empty dorm room, and have a workshop on consent and safe sex. I would include a lesson on how to ask for consent and how to introduce sexual preferences into the bedroom.

The UC Lobby – The lobby experiences a high amount of foot traffic. Each day, thousands of students, professors, visitors, and guest speakers walk through the clinical hallway and up the silver staircase. The lobby also has a significant amount of open space, which would be apt for hosting a large-scale intervention with many participants. One of the downsides to the UC is that sound travels and that there is a lack of privacy. However, this could be an advantage for an intervention. An individual on the sixth floor can hear the commotion stirring from within the lobby. If I were to stage an intervention, I would have an installation featuring the birds and the bees. On each bird and bee, I would write down messages of consent and sexual health. One side would be a myth about sex, the other side would be a fact.

The Weed Garden – I have absolutely NO idea how else to describe this place in the Lang building. It is a grassy, outdoor hangout that divides the two structures that make up the Lang building. Every student goes there between classes to smoke pot. The Weed Garden would be a great place for an intervention come Spring. There is always a large population of students congregating and in high spirits. If I were to stage an intervention, I would continue with the birds and the bees theme. I would place small bird toys and little bees. I would display them around the grassy patch and attach notes. On one side, I would have a myth about sexual health. On the other side, I would have a fact.

The intervention would be documented and photographs would then later incorporated into my zine.

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