Time Final

For my final time project, I decided to stage and record a crime scene based off of my favorite serial killer, Ed Gein and the classic horror stories that inspired me throughout my life. I created a sculpture for each artifact, or “evidence” to be displayed at the scene of the crime. The mask is supposed to resemble the Picture of Dorian Gray. I decided to depict this story using the mask because it was Ed Gein’s human flesh masks and costuming that inspired films such as The Silence of the Lambs and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The teddy bear is meant to resemble the short story of The Monkey’s Paw. The film adaptation is Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. And thus, I created an artifact that I would have liked to find in little Gage’s room after his untimely death. The bear is ripped apart to pay homage to the scene of Gage rising from the dead and wreaking havoc within the home in his old neighborhood whilst holding a knife. The rat is a spin off of the first artwork created by Walter Paisley in A Bucket of Blood. In the film, Walter kills a cat by mistake. Only he chooses to cover it in clay and present it as fine art. Rather than make a cat out of clay, I decided to make its prey. The photos above are the “evidence” files. They were cut from the final video, but the stills represent the time gone by in horror cinema: the world of shrieks and terrifying silence.

Here is the poster for the final video, which could not be uploaded to the learning portfolio due to the file size constraints.

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