Electronic Learning Portfolio

July 24

Here is a link to my final design brief board: Design Brief Board-2aq9sz6

July 23

Here is my final paragraph description of my product and the link to the final logo design: With the divorce…

July 19

Here are some analytical drawings of my prototype. Axonometric View:               Ergonomic View:  …

July 18

"Re-use & Retain" Water bottle: A water bottle created to help remind you during your stressful day. Customizable, you can…

July 17

Here is the link to my finished fashion board. Fashion Board-2eph7yi

July 14

My editorial photo shoot in Chinatown went well. I tried to make the megaphone the main focus of every shot,…

July 13

Here are some of the best pictures from the photo shoot in Chinatown. 

July 12

The two fashion illustrations I drew focus on the red 'mouthpiece' that goes along with the garment. I also wanted…

July 11

The concept that I chose for my final design focuses on noise. While exploring Chinatown, I noticed that many vendors…
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