World of Ones Own

For this project, we had to make a maquette based on a story from when we were younger. I chose to recreate a memory of mine from when I was very young in which I would play a game with my sister and her best friend called sardines (the game was basically reverse hide and seek–instead of searching for each person, one person hides and if you find them, you join them until the last person finds the group). I remember walking up the carpeted stairs to my attic on all fours, since the stairs were too big for me to really climb at the time, to go frantically search for them. You can see from my maquette that I used lined paper with words of the story to shape my figure, purposefully making it ambiguous as a tool to allow the viewer to imagine the figure as anyone. I used blue water color as a base and black and white acrylic stippled on the stairs to mimic the texture of the blue carpet on the stairs and then folded the paper to make it seem extra high. I then photographed the maquette from five different angles, listed below.


1) Angle – Below


2) Angle – Side Right


3) Angle – Side Left


4) Angle – Above


5) Angle – Far Back


After photographing the images, we had to make five sketches for the five photos, and create one full tonal drawing for one of the images. I ended up using the sketch I created for the above angle drawing (#4) and just built on that for the full tonal drawing.


1) Angle – Below – Sketch


2) Angle – Side Left – Sketch


3) Angle – Side Left – Sketch


4) Angle – Above – Full Tonal


5) Angle – Far Back – Sketch

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