Multiple Perspectives – Candy Around the World

For this studio project, I had two other group members to work with: Ally and Yvonne. We brainstormed ideas and decided own candy around the world. We knew we would be taking on a big topic, but we would see what we could do. Throughout the process, we considered different design approaches, as shown in the drawings below, but we definitely wanted to have a globe lollipop with the candy wrappers on each country they are from on the globe. We had to really think abut how we wanted to display the candy to show the viewer the information about it. We chose two rings consisting of descriptions of each candy. The rings would hold onto the stick and the stick would be attached to a platform. We also had trouble deciding how to present the title and description of our project, but finally we decided to prop up a plaque on the platform.

img_8126 img_8125 img_8124 img_8123

In building the project, we put in hours upon hours. We began by going to multiple candy stores in New York to purchase international candy. We spent our studio class taste testing all the candy we bought in an effort to describe the taste for our display, and also to understand the candy better since it was a learning experience for us as well. We also used the rest of the day to buy the rest of the supplies we needed.

img_8273 img_8272 img_8271 img_8270 img_8269 img_8268 img_8266 img_8267

We spent the next week working together to construct the boxes with the candy, the globe map of candy wrappers, the rings, and the stand. We worked very hard together and we were happy with the product.

img_8265 img_8067 img_8065 img_8064 img_8062

The things that weren’t as successful included the plaque (since it didn’t really work with the whole circle thing), the balance of the whole display (since we couldn’t attach the globe until we got to class due to transportation constraints, the display didn’t really hold itself together very well and we needed to use other objects as weights to keep it standing), and the words on the boxes (too small to read and too much info for each box). However, it was very fun and interactive with the viewer, the color worked well, the idea was cool and different, we really went for it and didn’t try to do something easy, the information was thorough and well researched, and you could tell how much work we put into the project. The final project and our critiques are below.

img_8098 img_8120 img_8117 img_8112 img_8109 img_8106 img_8105 img_8104 img_8103 img_8100


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