Mythological Creature

To begin this project, I decided to draw some pictures I took at the natural history museum. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, so I had a few ideas lined up. I could use the drawings of pictures from the museum, a drawing I did of a giraffe from our first project, and/or sketches I had done of live models:

img_8408lionimg_8423 bear giraffefoot hand man-1 man-2

I decided to see what I could do with my lioness drawing. I took it onto photoshop and decided I wanted to use a bunch of different furs of the big cats and overlay them onto my drawing.

t93-0408-01-jpg cheetah_facts black_jaguar_3_by_tigerlover4-d8vqslt

I found that I loved the way the furs looked when the fill was about halfway, allowing for the print to show through, but not overpower the drawing. It let the tone/color of the original drawing come out more, instead of being over saturated and overstated. I love the way you could still see the pencil marks, and it blended so well with the coat. I also just loved the idea that she was the queen of the cats; a mixture of majestic beats. Once I was happy with the animal itself, I had to decide on the background. I looked through pictures I had taken at the natural history museum, and found inspiration in the minerals pictures I had. I loved the more muted colors, and the beautiful way the light hit the stones. I decided to use a particular cluster of minerals as a crown, since it was this beautiful silver color, and my cat was a queen. I used a different mineral as a thrown, since it looked like my cat was sprawled out on her thrown.

img_8424 img_8475

Finally, I decided to duplicate the cat shape and create a shadow that would hit the mineral thrown, since it seemed like the cat was floating in space without it.



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