Alter Ego | Drawing and Imaging Final

For my Drawing and Imaging final, we had to create an image, in a medium of our choice, depicting our alter ego. For inspiration, we were shown Cindy Sherman’s work–she transformed herself into entirely new, unrecognizable people through the medium of makeup. This stood out to me, being a makeup artist, and inspired me to develop my own alter egos through makeup. I decided to have 3 alter egos: a drag queen (emphasizing my extreme approach to makeup), a middle school version of myself (who I pretended to be growing up), and an old fashioned mom (since my friends will refer to me as “mom” when I worry too much about them). I did 3 separate transformations, took a variety of photos, and Photoshopped the images together, as if the characters were taking a picture of themselves.

Here is a sampling of the photos before I merged them together (since I used a multitude of images to perfect the poses):

img_1517 img_1606 img_1401

Here is the final image:


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