Studio: Fashion | Bridge 1

To begin the process of deconstruction, I went to Goodwill and bought an ugly $8 shirt. I picked it because the seams were quite obvious and there seemed to be a lot of material.

I documented the process of reconstruction by filming myself tearing apart the seams using my seam ripper and just my hands.

To reconstruct, I drew a sketch. I want the fabrics to wrap around into a skirt. I wanted it to flow nicely and have peaks at the red polka dotted fabric.

I took muslin and made a pattern and made darts in the back and then pinned the front and back pieces together. I cut out small portions of the navy and polka dotted fabrics and pinned them to the muslin.

I then sewed them all on and then hand sewed buttons on the side with loops so the skirt can go on and off.

Overall, I am proud of all the work I put into the project. My final product was alright. I discovered I am not very good at sewing, but I worked really hard on it. I am really just happy that I made something that fits on my body and works. Obviously, it’s not amazing, but it’s functional, which I am happy with. I took these photos of the inside of the skirt, which show how hard I worked, and I even like them more than I like outside of the skirt, since it really displays the time and effort I invested in my creation. I’m also pretty fond of my buttons and loops.

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