Studio: Fashion | Bridge 4

Bridge 4: Interrelationships

For this project, we are to think about and work to answer these key questions: how can the shared project inspire a paper and head-to-toe look? How will the design relate to your individual interests and to a larger social/historical/art and design context?

I am using the theme of feminism, specifically how it is intertwined with Raf Simons’ first collection for Dior, to inspire my research and garment. For the paper, I’m currently seeing how feminism and the legacy of Dior has impacted Simons and this collection. For my garment, I am doing an inverse of an iconic look from Simons’ collection–a dress-like shirt with suit pants below. My look consists of a very feminine dress, complete with flowers gradating from the bottom up, with a very masculine jacket, complete with huge, 80s shoulder pads. I am exploring the second question in this prompt as I create my garment and craft my essay.

Final Sketch

My final sketch was actually my initial sketch. I modified it slightly from what it was, since I originally wanted it to be one dress, but I made it into a separate jacket on top of a dress.

Prototype/Begin Piece

For this project, I have taken the patterns out of their folders and checked through each to find all the pieces I need to use and adjust for my outfit. I have identified the useful pieces and stashed away the unwanted pieces and have cut out each pattern so it is ready to pin. I still need to make adjustments to the patterns based on size and style, but that will also happen as I begin to pin the pattern to the fabric.

In addition, I can’t really do a prototype, since I don’t have enough material to waste on practice, but I have taken some scrap fabric from extra navy fabric and my swatch of the floral fabric and have done a prototype of the hand-sewn appliqué. I’ve learned, in doing this, that I have to be careful about the way the chiffon silk fabric folds in order to preserve fabric. I have to be careful about the edges of the floral fabric to avoid showing the frayed edges. You should be able to see the floral pattern more when I do it in full scale, since the pieces I will use will be larger for the dress.

Project Goal

My goal is simple for this project–to have a final look at all. All I want for my final look is to have finished my piece to reflect my design and express my initial theme of feminism and how it relates to the 2012 Dior Fall Collection. I hope to have done it with good time management and have completed it well: a comprehensive look. I hope to also represent it well for my final: to capture it with appropriate styling and photography and presentation to represent its importance.

Project Timeline

3/27 – 4/3: Begin piece – cut out patterns, modify patterns, start to pin patterns to fabric

4/3 – 4/10: Finish pinning patterns to fabric, cut out fabric, pin sides to prepare for sewing, maybe start sewing

4/10 – 4/17: Start sewing patterns together and get a good chunk of the actual piece finished

4/17 – 4/24: Finish up piece (mostly just appliqué bottom of dress to finish)

4/24 – 5/1: Finalize piece and plan out photoshoot for piece and all details

5/1 – 5/8: Execute photoshoot for piece complete with styling

5/8 – 5/10: Present final look and essay

5/15: No class

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