The Simpsons Campaign

Wikipedia Book


Design a book, magazine, or publication of at least 10,000 words (the final book should be at least 48 pages, but may be more). The selected content should incorporate images, and consider the entire book structure and sequence (table of contents, pagination, chapters, index, credits). Carefully consider how to translate the content into a visual form. Your final book should be printed and bound, either using school resources (xerox, Riso, etc.) or a print on demand service.

I always loved the Simpsons, and one of the long of wikipedia pages are a list of recurring Simpsons characters.

All the descriptions are the wikipedia descriptions of the characters, but I altered it to first person. I added posts, or conversations for different characters using real quotes and conversations they said to add personality.

It is in a Facebook theme, because people tend to have friends on Facebook that they have only met twice, and it is perfect for my topic. The book’s pages are horizontal due to the format in which the show is aired and also to emphasise the Facebook theme.


Extended System


Design a campaign to promote the subject of your book, magazine, or publication. This could be promoting a launch event, or you could use typography and language to communicate a point of view, argument, or question about the subject.

First, design a 24” x 36” poster, using a restricted palette. Consider hierarchy, grid structure, and display typography as you establish the visual language of your campaign. Once you determine the message and visuals in the poster format, you will extend the system to the scale of a billboard and to a mobile screen.


Poster & Billboard

Universal Studios Simpsons land.

For the poster and billboard, I wanted something people could interact with and take photos to advertise to others.


Since all the characters have different personalities, I made a t-shirt that has shows your personality through the Simpsons, so people would gift these based on their personalities. And this would potentially extend to many more characters even reaching the sub-characters in the TV show.


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