Artistic Response – Ai Weiwei


I chose to respond to Ai Weiwei’s latest installation project, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors,” in NYC. It basically is a huge steel cage that has been put under the arch in Washington Square Park. Through the sculpture, he intentionally expressed the issue of growing hostility towards immigrants and the rising nationalism throughout the world. Plus, Ai subconsciously presented his feeling of unfairness and suppression from China’s government. So I decided to make a unique shape’s sculpture out of paper. This sculpture was inspired by the lines that appeared on Ai’s gate and cage that exhibited in NYC. The watching direction for my sculpture is 360 degree, which offers people a chance to observe in the different perspective and have various thoughts on the immigrants’ issue in our society.

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  1. todd ayoung · February 13, 2018 Reply

    Your object response works for me. Also interested this residue you mention Ai Weiwei displays in the sculpture, that you insightfully say he brought from China.

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