“Experiencing Architecture”- sculptural response


For the reading, I wanted to respond to the idea of the hardness and softness of the material. So I chose the cardboard as the main material to work with. Cardboard is made of paper, which is able to properly represent the softness of the paper. Yet, after people gave it a unique structure, the paper had become a much harder material that is ten or hundred times stronger than before. The sculpture that I made has a bizarre shape which also responded to the concept of “the shapes of the building are art” from the reading. When we look closer to the sculpture, it is easy to recognize that there are couples of brass fasteners and toothpicks. These little accessories were not just for the decoration, but also had a big contribution to enriching the color of the object.

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  1. ayoungt · February 26, 2018 Reply

    So you are working with the cardboard as soft material in actuality, but visually present the cardboard, because of the way you cut it, use of bass fasteners and toothpicks, to give a more hard structural look.

    It works well as a sculptural object in its XYZ axis, use of negative space, and the horizontal display of piece reads as a landscape.

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