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Mike Hsiao


Bridge 1: Final – Real Journey

City Reliquary

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A Trip To City Reliquary

             The sun is rising. I jump out of my bed, take shower and get ready for the trip to City Reliquary, where offers people a space for learning and exhibiting the history of the United States. After finish preparing, I stand in the hallway and start thinking about the brunch that I am going to get while I am waiting for the elevator. Then, I step into the elevator and look at the monitor and hope that no one will press the bottom as the elevator going down because it will slow down the speed due to the safety policy. When I step out of the building, the freezing wind just blows on my face and through my hair, which gives me a thought that I might become a popsicle before I get to the destination. The very first creature that I encounter is a pigeon, the animal that we can find everywhere in NYC. After getting into the subway station, I am stuck in the gate because of the insufficient fare, which is pretty embarrassing. Then, I refill my MetroCard and successfully get into the station. Then, I saw an interesting sculpture that is placed under the stairs, which are a crocodile peeking its head out of the drain cover and holding a tiny-money-bag man in its mouth and two tiny-money-bag men standing on the fence. This scene just gave me a sense of humor that the people have around the area. After I get into the car, I saw an African-American, who wears a black bomber jacket and a pair of decent glasses, keep shaking his hands as he holding the bar. I am so confused about what he is doing but also worry that it might not be polite to keep gazing at him. So I turn my view and watch towards the windows, thinking that how far we are from the destination. Within a few minutes, I arrive to Bedford Avenue station in Brooklyn, which has few people in it. After getting on the street, I see a lot of graffitis that were painted on the wall and the building with the mottled walls and damaged fences. It has only shown the history and the personality of the neighborhood but also the unconcerned and the carelessness of the community. As I passing the third or fourth vintage stores, this place surprises me with another bizarre thing. People hang their shoes on the electricity cable in the middle of the street! “Why do people hang their shoes on the cable? Is there any secret about hanging the shoes in the air that stays in the neighborhood but not many people know? Or… that just something that left by the people who went partying last night?” This three questions just popped out off my mind as I looking at the sky. Coincidentally, when I turn my head down, City Reliquary just shows up in front of me. Then, I start taking the pictures of it and thinking that it might be really interesting as I get into this store-ish museum. What I meant the store-ish museum is that it looks like a vintage store and it is pretty easy to miss it if you did not pay attention to the shop sign. After finish taking photos, I walk towards the door and ready for the amazing experience that I am going to get. But, it turns out that City Reliquary is not open…, which just like a joke that someone plays on me. So, I pick up all of the pieces of my broken heart and get on the uber to leave this upsetting place.


1.What was your intention for the final draft, and how do you feel you conveyed that intention?

I corrected some of the grammar mistakes that I thought that might be wrong and added some more details about the trip to make it clearer and more vivid. I feel that my final draft had become much better after I made those changes.

2.What did you discover about your work, your process, and/or yourself through the simulated journey?

For my simulated journey, there were a lot of fantasies going on. Something that we don’t usually see or do in our real life but you always have such kind of intention to do. The simulated journey part for me is usually the place that offers you to shows the immaturity.

3.What did you discover about your work, your process, and/or yourself through the real journey?

For my real journey, it contains more reasonable things and more logical story. Also, I figured that the reality is usually different from our expectation.

4.Why did you choose to revise either the real or simulated journey for your final draft?

Because the real journey was more logical for me and also I have experienced it. So it is easier and more reasonable for me to the revise on the real one.

5.What did you discover about your work, your process, and/or yourself through revision?

During the revision, I found out that I would constantly make the same mistake and sometimes changed the subjects in the weird timing.

6.Why did you choose to make the revisions you did? (Give a minimum of two specific examples).

First, due to the lack of details, so I decided to add some more story and my real trip on my real journey. Second, since I was not paying attention to the grammar of my first draft, so I placed more emphasis on the grammar when doing the final draft.  

7. What risks did you take in this project? What risks did you decide against taking? Why?

I did not take any risks in this project. The risk that I decide against taking is not taking any risks in the project. The reason is that if I took the risk, it would have boosted my result to the higher level.

8. How did your experiences in Studio and Seminar inform each other throughout the process of writing and making Bridge 1?

I felt that both of the classes have helped me to understand each other even more. Because when I did the writing, I thought about the style and the contents of the video that I was going to take, which indirectly forced me to think thoroughly when doing the project.

9. From this point onward, how would you like to improve as a writer and creator over the course of the semester?

I would like to hone my skills in describing the story and organizing the structure of the whole event. Also, I’d like work even harder on my English skills whether in writing or presenting.  

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