Bridge 5 || Semester Reflection

Looking at the notecard that I wrote for the very first class, I mentioned that I hoped to hone my English skills and become more talkative in class. Luckily, I did learn a lot from the class though there was a lot of reading and writing, but, that was the thing that helped me fulfilled my hope. However, even though I gained a lot from the class and improved the reading skill, I yet somehow worry about the reading that I will need to complete in the future. And that reading part was the one that I kind of overcome but not exactly a success.   

I’m a stubborn person in terms of these art things, I tend to not do the research and write before and after my design process. However, since I started my freshman year at Parsons, I changed myself a lot. Parson, where all the professors will ask you to place more emphasis on everything and not just focus on art or design field. I started to dig out the story of the assignment or painting that I was working on and the result turned out even more complete and thorough.

After this semester, I realized that all making, thinking, and writing art all bonded together. The relationship between these three elements is essential and unreplaceable. It is because design is not just making something out of nowhere, it is more like using the different media to express your feeling and idea.

In studio class, we had to make a garment for bridge two, and that is when I failed and also open up the new possibilities. At first, I could never believe that I would make cloth in someday. Then, after I the group finished the whole pieces, I found out that making a garment is really interests me and that’s definitely something that I should try in the future.

For bridge 4, I tried to make a cat fountain which has the fire hydrant look, and that was the biggest risk that I took over the whole year. The reason for that is because I wanted to challenge myself and see what I could do by using the none familiar material. Plus, the final object is for a cat so that means I have to spend more time on material picking.

Since I now discovered the fun of screen printing, I will keep exploring the screen print techniques and knowledge. This discovery was because of one time in class activity, using the cheap way and easy way to screen print. From that moment, I figured that I had so much fun when screen printing and I also hope to combine this technique in my future work, no matter is wood making or fashion designing.

As a maker, I definitely see myself improved a lot in this semester. I became more confident of my work and also added a bunch of variety media work to my portfolio, which definitely benefits me not just for the class but also for my entire life. Yet, as a writer, I felt that by keep practicing and have some professionals to look at would be very helpful for my continued growth.

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