Integrative Studio: Bridge 4 & 5

The piece that our group chose for Bridge 3 is the painting, Lapeyrouse Wall, painted by Peter Doig. In the painting, Doig used the item to represent the personal site of memory and the connection between the character and the story. For instance, Doig used Wall to impart a sense of history in his work. Thus, from my interpretation, I believe that Doig was trying to deliver the message of an object could tell a story and may have a strong relationship between itself and the surrounding.

For my Bridge 4 project, I decided to make a cat fountain that looks like a fire hydrant. The reason for choosing the fire hydrant as the base is because it’s in the Doig’s painting. Also, it represents hope as it provides water for extinguishing the fire. Plus, as it gives the water to the animals, I believe it somehow relates to the idea of bringing the hope.

After tons of trying out, I decided to use the fire hydrant as the structure of my pet’s fountain and cut off the cap of it and make it to the place where the animals can drink. The material that I chose for this project was mainly wood and a little bit of plastic. The wood is mainly for the exterior, and the plastic is for the bucket that is placed inside the fire hydrant for storing the water. After I finished the structure of the exterior, I sprayed paint it to all black. Then, for the pipes and screws, I used copper pink for decorating and adding the style to the cat fountain.

Process photo:

Final Documentation Photos


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