Gift Project

For this Gift assignment, the goal is to make a gift for our assigned partner depending on how we interpret them and avoid the bias and assumptions. First, I observed the photos that were given by my partner. Second, I interpreted and analyzed the photos, then, found out what the photos wanted to communicate. Third, based on the information that I gathered from the images, I decided to make a phone holder. The reason for making my partner a phone holder is because from the photos that I had received, I realized that she was obsessed with taking photos of herself but not like a selfie. The most common elements in her images are my partner herself and with different background and time. Also, from the photos, you can immediately point out that she doesn’t like to look at the camera, which means most of the images were side shots. Thus, in order to make her photo shooting process easier, I made a phone holder for her as the gift. The process of making the holder was pretty simple, I first cut down a long wood stick into four pieces. Then, I trimmed two of the pieces with 10 degrees for the notch for holding the phone. And that 10 degree is the perfect angle for taking photos when holding the phone. After, I glued four pieces of wood together and sand it smooth for the final touch.

The gift that I received was a huge styrofoam story ball. When I first unwrapped that gift, I was surprised by the pattern and the texture on the top of the styrofoam ball. Yet, what triggered me more was that it had just reflected exactly who I am. The images on the ball say everything about me, snowboarding, sailing, spending time with friends. However, my partner reminds me that all of my life is mostly relate to water, which shows her identity of thoroughly observe things surround her. Therefore, I believe that both of our gifts are successfully reflected two of us identities.

The Gift that I made for my partner – A Phone Holder




The gift that I received – A Story Ball


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