Integrative Seminar 2: Response: “Blue Jeans” (Fred Davis)

“Indeed, to the extent that their very acceptance was propelled by fashion as such, it can be said an element of invidiousness was already at play. For other things being equal and regardless of me a message a new fashion sends, merely to be in fashion is to be one up on those who are not as yet”(Fred Davis.)

Fred Davis explained, for other things being rise and no matter how the messages were sent, simply to be in design is to be one up on those who are not at the same level as youIn fact, to the degree thattheir exceptional acknowledgment was impelled by design, it can be said a component of invidiousness was as now at play.

After reading this sentence, I found out that from the history we can understand that people were gradually changing and improving. For instance, the blue jeans used to be the working suit for the workers, yet, it has now become the new fashion trend for those who love vintage clothing. Also, I believe the author wanted to communicate that the fashion message that had been sent out was just for the people who were not in the industry. The reason for that is because the people who are leading the trend will never need to be informed, on the contrary, for those who always need to be announced are the people who follow the trend. So, these are the two completely two different group of people.


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