Clothing the Self

Canvas Fabric (Left)   Muslin (Right)

  • These two fabric are the canvas fabric and muslin. The reason for choosing canvas fabric is because I’m most familiar with this kind of material. Yet I’m not familiar with using it as the fabric for making a garment, I used it as the media to paint and draw for most of the time. The canvas fabric is the material that accompanied me for my whole high school year, which was the time period when I moved here and get to know the American culture. The American culture has changed my identity a lot, it turned me from a young boy who wouldn’t willing to speak to others to a young man who loves to talk to people and make friends.
  • For muslin, I picked it for its convenience, simple, and softness features. Even though the muslin is similar to the canvas fabric to some extent, the muslin is still different from the canvas. The muslin is more delicate and more portable than the canvas, which makes me think it could be a suitable material for making a wearable object. Plus, the muslin has a feature of not easy to carry wrinkles, which is another essential characteristic that attracts me. By explaining the features of the muslin, delicate and not easy to carry wrinkles, it has revealed my identity in some way. That is, since I love to wear oversized clothing for its comforts and simple patterns, so I think that this muslin might be a great material to reflect my identity.


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