Integrative Seminar 2: Bridge 1 Process & Reflection

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Notebook Process


The text of my Bridge essay

Bridge 1 reflection

  • What did you learn by completing this assignment?

By completing this assignment, I learned how to interpret and analysis people properly. What that means is that I now know how to use the concrete words to express my feeling and explain my observation even more specific. Also, from the notebook assignment, I realized how much the notebook would benefit us when we need some information from the past. Even though it is pretty hard for me to keep a notebook, but I eventually managed myself to jot down some notes or even draw on it, and it did help me a lot when doing this assignment.

  • What did you accomplish particularly well?

For this assignment, I believe the part that was accomplished really well is the hero I picked and the way I interpreted him. The reason for saying that is because I found out so many interesting details through the conversation that we had. Also, I’m so glad that I came to him and had a conversation with my hero, because of that, I could understand and present him even better.

  • What could you have done better, and how might you apply this to future writing assignments?

If I had a chance, I could have prepared my learning portfolio post even more organized. Also, I would have double check and re-read my writing to make sure that everything is presenting clearly and thoroughly.

  • How might your thinking in Seminar have influenced your Studio work?

I believe the Seminar class has influenced my studio work a lot. By that, I mean the seminar class has guided me through the interpretation and observation process, which makes my project’s making process became easier.

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