Integrated Studio 2: Clothing the Self

  • Project Introduction

For this assignment, we were asked to create a wearable garment based on our self-identity and the inspiration that we get from the David Bowie’s exhibition.

From the David Bowie’s exhibition, I chose a particular costume as my favorite and to be inspired. The costume was designed for the Aladdin Sane tour by a Japanese designer, Kansai Yamamoto, and it is called The Metallic Bodysuit. The Metallic Bodysuit is a one-piece garment that finished in a smooth and shining fabric. The pattern of this garment is really special, it has a pair of clownish wide and flabby legs and connects to the slim fit and high neck top. Compare to that quirky shape of the garment, the color seems more reasonable and more acceptable. The color of the suit is finished in three colors, navy blue, metallic red, and metallic bright blue. All of these elements are showing that David Bowie is the pioneer in funk, pop music, and stagecraft, he devoted himself to the music industry and showed people how the costume could actually reflect one’s identity.

The Metallic Bodysuit

Then, some of the quotes from The Dressed Body by Joanna Entwistle are also the inspirations that I took advantage when making my garment. Those quotes reflect my identity in many different ways, but they all deliver the same idea at the end. The quote,“Our clothes are too much a part of us to be entirely indifferent to their condition: it is as though the fabric were indeed a natural extension of the body, or even of the soul.” reflects my identity of having a cheerful mind and believing in the idea of simplicity. What I mean by that is because I always wearing the oversized hoodie and the color is always monochrome color. Thus, I view those features as the extension of my personality and put them into my final wearable project.

  • Process

For this short sleeves jacket, I made it based on my identity. Choosing the canvas fabric is because its durable feature, which could reduce my worries when doing wood crafting. The color for my final piece is also left with a reason(not because of the laziness). The reason is that I believe by leaving the blank could remind me of my unknown potential and the infinite possibilities in the future. For the making process, I first traced my t-shirt for its pattern. Then, I applied the pattern to the canvas fabric, which I would be using as the primary material for the whole garment. After I cut out all the different pieces for my short sleeves jacket, I sewed them together. Then, the whole garment is done.


  • Garment



  • Image

For my MOMA influenced photo, I found inspired by two photographers, Aida Muluneh and Stephanie Syjuco. In my final documentation, I combined these two photo’s features, which is the upright posture and the grayscale color tone. The upright posture is something completely opposite to my identity and that is the reason why I chose for my model. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a person who is having a casual and relaxed lifestyle, so in the picture, I wanted to try something that is not familiar to me to show my willingness of trying new things. However, for the monochrome color, I wanted the viewer to focus on my posture and the apparel that I have instead of distracting by the color. More importantly, the whole combination shows the identity of mine, which is relaxing, open-minded, and simple.

      All in One By Aida Muluneh                        Cargo Cults: Cover-up By Stephanie Syjuco


  • Final Documentation

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