Drawing/Imaging: Abstracted Portrait

Drawing/Imaging: Abstracted Portrait


(3Pcs Small Acrylic Studies) (From right to left Monochromatic, Comlimentary, Primary)

Material: Acrylic paints, Paint Brushes, Blank Canvas

Size: 8″X8″

For this assignments, I had to paint it upside down and it felt very weird because it was different from what my eyes were train to do.


(Photoshop Sketch of Abstracted Portrait)

Material: Photoshop

Time: 2Hours

I abstracted the photo the way it is in the picture because I wanted the picture to still clear of what it is. I abstracted by enlarging part of the body and liquidfying arround the head.

(Abstracted Portrait)

Material: Acrylic Paint


Time: Approx. 4Hours

Using grid to assist sketch was really helpful since I could easily get the right proportion.

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